Developer platform

The Partner Integration Platform (P.I.P.) of ItsMe® helps partners integrate with ItsMe® in a safe, reliable and efficient way.

Step 1: Getting started

We facilitated the configuration needed to get started using ITSME® by offering a generator build on top of Yeoman. To get started, install Yeoman and generator-itsme with NPM:

$ npm install -g yeoman generator-itsme

After installation, run the generator:

$ yo itsme

The generator will ask you if you have existing certificates or not, if so, provide the location of both certifcates you wish to use. If you don’t have any certificates available, don’t worry. The generator will create everything for you.

The output of the tool are two JWK sets, a private and a public one. The private set needs to be known only by you, so store it somewhere safe. You will need it to configure the ITSME® client later on. The public set needs to be made available on a publicly reachable API endpoint, so that the ITSME® service can access the public keys when establishing a secure data exchange.

Step 2: What do we need from you?

To complete the configuration on our end, we need two things:

The second endpoint does not need to contain any logic yet, for now we only need it to configure your client. Once we have these two items, we will get back to you with the following details:

  • Client ID
  • Service Codes

Send us an email listing the two endpoints and we’ll make sure to complete the configuration for you in no time! In the meantime, get started implementing a package tailored to your use-case.

Step 3: Get your bindings